Release Notes for v1.0.4

Version description of the v1.0.4 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule

  • The ATL06 response records now include the h_sigma field (833a3bd)

  • Updated H5Coro to support version 4 ATL03 files (6198cec)

  • Fixed symbol table bug in H5Coro (f80857c)

  • Resource names are sanitized before being used (61f768c)

  • Renamed h5coro-python target to binding-python, and it is now treated as Python bindings for SlideRule. Python bindings are not intended to become a Python package.

  • Created Python utility for displaying version of SlideRule running (

  • icesat2.toregion api now supports GeoJSON, Shapefiles, and simplifying polygons (see documentation)

  • Created sliderule-project repository for; all documentation moved to this repository (includes Read the Docs).

  • Optimized icesat2.h5 api by using bytearray when concatenating responses (da05da6)

Getting this release