Release Notes for v1.0.6

Version description of the v1.0.6 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule

  • Added support for NSIDC/Cumulus data in AWS US-West-2
    • New netsvc package that uses libcurl for making https requests.
    • New capability to “fork” a Lua script 2385b99
    • Reworked internal handling of assets; an asset now defines an I/O driver which must be registered prior to an asset being requested.
    • New capability to fetch files from S3 directly from a Lua script using aws.s3get
    • Created CredentialStore module in aws package for managing AWS credentials: CredentialStore.cpp
    • Created authentication script (written in lua) that runs as a daemon and maintains up-to-date AWS credentials
    • Fixed and enhanced TimeLib to support AWS time formats
  • Added support for metric collection along with a metric endpoint and associated Python client utility

  • Added support for tailing server logs remotely via the tail endpoint and associated Python client utility

  • Added native HttpClient module in core package: HttpClient.cpp

  • Added support for building on CentOS 7 1a728b9

Known Issues

  1. Consul-Exit is not working and therefore a node does not dissappear from the service group when it goes down.

Getting this release