Release Notes for v1.0.7

Version description of the v1.0.7 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule

  • Resolved background density calculation issue: sliderule#2

  • Resolved background rate interpolation issue: sliderule#3

  • Resolved spacecraft velocity calculation issue: sliderule#5

  • Resolved along-track distance calculation issue: sliderule#73

  • ATL06-SR segment IDs are calculated by finding the center of the segment and using the segment ID of the closest ATL06 segment: sliderule#72

  • Resolved consul exit functionality regression: devops#42

  • Added health checking for SlideRule server nodes, with automatic restarts: devops#43

    • rate of once per minute
    • 3 retries: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds
    • unhealthy: connection failure, or health endpoint returns false

Getting this release