Release Notes for v1.1.1

Version description of the v1.1.1 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule.

New Features

  • Added module to Python client to support ICEPyx users.

  • GeoDataFrames are now sorted by time. Time is also used as the index. (APIs affected: atl06, atl06p, atl03s, atl03sp).

Major Issues Resolved

  • The issue with the server crashing in version 1.1.0 was resolved.
    • In version v1.0.6, support for NSIDC Cumulus was added; but it had a dormant bug in the implementation.
    • Each server maintains up-to-date AWS credentials for NSIDC resources in S3 by authenticating to the earthdata login servers and getting API tokens that last for 1 hour. Every 30 minutes, each server re-authenticates and gets new tokens. For performance reasons, AWS clients are pre-allocated and re-used. The AWS clients are only cycled when new tokens arrive. The code that created new clients with the updated tokens had race-conditions in it where a deleted client could still be in use.
    • The introduction of ATL08 processing in version 1.1.0 lengthed the amount of time a client was in use and therefore made the race-condition much more likely to occur.
    • The race condition has been fixed in this version.

Minor Issues Resolved

  • ATL08 classification can be supplied as a table or a string. 04bc5fb

  • Fixed out of bounds access caught by valgrind. 5af94a5

  • Changed name of Python bindings to srpybin to avoid naming conflicts with the SlideRule Python client. 0525c0b

  • Signed integer support added to Python bindings sliderule#84

  • Fixed bugs in s3cache I/O driver for H5Coro, and added support in Python bindings. 0170be8

Getting this release