Release Notes for v1.1.2

Version description of the v1.1.2 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule.

New Features

  • The api_widgets_demo updated to provide interface for creating polygon/bounding boxes, and to select a land class.

Major Issues Resolved

  • H5Coro memory usage was optimized to support runs against larger datasets

Minor Issues Resolved

  • GeoDataFrame index (which is a datetime calculated from the delta_time column) is now set to ns resolution so that all rows are unique. ef2abce

  • Fixed multiple memory leaks in h5coro, in the use of an asset object in reader classes, and in various other modules throughout the server code.

  • Fixed startup bug where client that needs credentials would never be able to get those credentials if created before the first set of credentials were available. da139e6

Getting this release