Release Notes for v1.1.5

Version description of the v1.1.5 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule.

New Features

  • Default asset switched from project’s s3 bucket (atlas-s3) to NSIDC’s Cumulus bucket (nsidc-s3).

  • Non-blocking read API added to H5Coro to support greater parallelization of reads. When configured, H5Coro creates a thread-pool, assigns read requests to the next available thread, and returns a future to the calling application. The Atl03Reader in ICESat-2 plugin was updated to use the non-blocking API. Concurrent reads when from a maximum of 18 reads at a time to 128 reads at a time. A roughly 30% performance improvement was measured as a result of this change.

  • HttpServer (via the LuaEndpoint module) now monitors memory usage on the local system and will return a 503 response to any streaming requests made when the current memory usage exceeds a preconfigured threshold.

  • Test framework (pytest) and GitHub actions added to sliderule-python repository: #56

  • Polygon information extracted from icepyx region when using the APIs: #60

    Major Issues Resolved

  • Unexpected termination of response data is now gracefully handled in the client with the request being retried: #40

  • Client updated to handle server-side memory issues gracefully - worker scale factor reduced to 3, back off (via sleep function) added to error handling, explicit handling of 503 error response: c47f0f0

Minor Issues Resolved

  • HSDS support removed from codebase

  • Fixed count returned in Grand Mesa demo: #42

  • Ipyleaflet updates and fixes in and modules: #54

  • PyPI dependencies listed in requirements.txt reduced to minimal set: #57

  • Fixed typo in CMR time query: 1e77117

  • Fixed geometry warning in creation of geodataframe: #52

Getting This Release