Release Notes for v1.2.0

Version description of the v1.2.0 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule.

Important: Consul service discovery replaced by internal solution which is now accessed via a different port (8050 instead of 8500). This breaks backward compatibility of the Python client, so the client needs to be updated to use this latest release.

New Features

  • The along track distance from the equator of each elevation and each photon has been added to their respective record definitions. For the atl03 API’s the field name is segment_dist; for the atl06 API’s the field name is distance.

  • The atl03 and atl06 API’s now support specifying the len (extent length) and res (extent resolution) parameters in terms of whole ATL03 segments. This is achieved by setting the dist_in_seg field in the request parameters to true.

  • Added post function to the netsvc package Lua function calls.

Major Issues Resolved

  • H5Coro supports reading metadata of dataset without reading the data #96

  • H5Coro supports reading attributes #97

Minor Issues Resolved

  • Python config makefile target now works without first a full standard install of sliderule #81

  • Runtime exceptions caught by PyBind11 when using parallel H5Coro API #82

  • Fixed bug in H5Coro processing of BTrees when symbols spanned multiple leaf nodes 4805819

  • Fixed memory leak in PyBind11 wrapper for H5Coro 1206fc5

Getting This Release