Release Notes for v1.4.0

Version description of the v1.4.0 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule.

:warning: This update breaks backward compatibility

Required Updates for v1.4.0

  • In order to use the latest SlideRule server deployments, the Python client must be updated.

For conda users:

$ conda update sliderule

For developer installs:

$ cd sliderule-python
$ git checkout main
$ git pull
$ python3 install
  • User scripts that use the Python client need to make the following updates:
    • The track keyword argument of atl03sp, atl03s, atl06p, and atl06 has moved to the parm dictionary
    • The block keywork argument of atl06p and atl03sp has been removed
  • User scripts that use the Python client should make the following updates due to deprecated functionality:
    • The object returned from the icesat2.toregion function is now a dictionary instead of a list; the polygon should be accessed via ["poly"] instead of with a numerical index. If the region of interest contains multiple polygons, the convex hull of those polygons is returned. For compatibility, for this version only, the returned polygon is also accessible at the [0] index.

New Features

  • Support for large regions and complex polygon requests (via providing a rasterized polygon as part of the request) sliderule-python#41 and sliderule-python#24

  • Added quality flags to request parameters and response fields

  • Enhanced widgets example notebook with voila demo

  • Parallel processing APIs (atl06p, and atl03sp) support a callback function on each granule‚Äôs results

  • Updated and improved documentation

Major Issues Resolved

Minor Issues Resolved

  • Documented the t0, and t1 request parameters

  • Added rgt, cycle, and region request parameters sliderule-python#27

  • Moved track request parameter from being a keyward argument to a member of the parm dictionary

  • The cnf parameter default changed to 2; the maxi parameter default changed to 5

  • Fixed inconsistencies in installation instructions sliderule-python#9

Getting This Release