Release Notes for v1.4.2

Version description of the v1.4.2 release of ICESat-2 SlideRule.

:warning: This is the first release of the client to default to version ‘005’ of the ICESat-2 ATL03 dataset.

New Features

  • Updated YAPC algorithm to Jeff’s latest specification (05-04-22). The new algorithm is the default version that runs. If the previous algorithm is desired, there is a version parameter which is a part of the yapc parameter block that can be set to “1”, and the original algorithm will execute. Note: the new algorithm runs about three times faster than the original one.

  • Updated internal threading hueristic in the Python client:
    • client will attempt to throttle the number of concurrent requests to any given processing node
    • the max_workers parameter in the atl06p and atl03sp APIs has been removed; if the calling application must change the number pending requests per node, then there is a new API sliderule.set_max_pending that can be called.
  • The sliderule-docs repository is now public and contains all of the SlideRule documentation used to build the website.

  • API reference documentation has been moved from Sphinx into the python function docstrings; Sphinx now uses .. autofunction:: to pull it into the website.

  • SlideRule’s Python bindings (srpybin) can now be built with the ICESat-2 plugin support (this enables the H5Coro to read from the Cumulus S3 archives).

Major Issues Resolved

  • Fixed spot calculation to match what is specified in the ATL03 ATBD. b8ea34b.

  • Fixed Voila demo points showing up 360 degrees away #97

  • Added significant tests to pytest framework for client: algorithm, atl08, atl06gs, h5 failure cases

  • A logging level is specified for Lua endpoints; this allows the prometheus and health endpoints to use the DEBUG log level so that the logs are not spammed.

Minor Issues Resolved

  • Multiple lua script bugs fixed (discovered mostly through static analysis, but some were discovered through runtime errors)

  • Optimized List.h template sort function

  • More robust error checking in netsvc package post and get functions (the http response code is checked explicitly).

  • Fixed CPU usage metrics in Grafana 3a5fd92

Getting This Release