sliderule-python is available for use as a GitHub repository, a PyPI package, or a conda-forge package.

Option 1: GitHub

The contents of the repository can be download as a zipped file or cloned. If cloning, please consider forking into your own account before cloning onto your system. To clone the repository:

git clone

You can then install the sliderule-python client using setuptools:

cd sliderule-python
python3 install

For developer installs using conda, you can use the provided environment file to create an initial conda environment that has the sliderule-python client installed along with all the dependencies necessary to run the included sliderule utilities and examples.

cd sliderule-python
conda env create -f environment.yml

Option 2: PyPI

You can install the sliderule-python client directly with pip. This will install a minimal set of dependencies necessary to run the basic SlideRule client. If you are looking to run through any of the provided examples, you may want to consider using “Option 1”, since with this (“Option 2” method) you will be responsible for installing any of the required packages for the examples.

pip install sliderule

Option 3: conda-forge

If you are using the Anaconda or Miniconda Python distributions, you can install the sliderule-python client directly.

conda install -c conda-forge sliderule